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Bearpaw Women's M405-W Dream 10" Boot,Light Pink,7 M US

I love pink!

If you love the color pink like I do and you are past the age of 6 where loving pink may not so cool - although I beg to defer - owning a pair of pink sheepskin boots is definitely cool no matter how old or young you are.
Why choose sheepskin boots?

First off it’s a natures fiber with its natural insulation that keeps your feet warm and cozy, especially on those nippy days or nights.  Two most important parts to keep warm are you head and your feet.  As long as you have a warm hat on and a comfortable pair of warm shoes, the rest of you will also stay toasty.

The thing I love about sheepskin boots

It breathes well.  Your feet will not sweat and your shoes will not retain moisture.  Best thing, even after wearing them for hours – without socks – they won’t smell like feet!!  This is how you can tell the fake ones from the real ones? the fake ones will start to smell kind of funky and you will know!! 

Is there a difference between the really expensive sheepskin boots and the cheaper versions?

Well to be honest, you get what you pay for.  Sheepskin boots can be a mix of materials with some variation of sheepskin.  If you are looking more for style – go for the ones that look and feel good to you. If you are looking for a long tern investment in a great pair of boots that will last, stick with the brands that specialize in these boots.  The top three brands are the Australian UGGs, EMUs and Koolaburras.

What Size Should I Buy?

Although some argue to go bigger in size, from my personal experience, these boots expand to fit your feet. I would suggest to buy them in your true size and if you are a half size go down a size.  You want them snug against your feet and unlike other types of shoes, these will not bite :)  What a concept - they're kind to your feet and look awesome at the same time!

Are sheepskin boots really waterproof?

The boots made of 100% sheepskin inside and out like the UGGs are highly water resistant, but like anything, they are not made to be drenched or soaked in water.  They can be worn in some snowy conditions, but probably not the first choice for heavy rain.  Just use your common sense :) Take care of these boots and they will take care of you.  To be on the safe side, its best to treat them with a high quality water & stain repellent

Are they worth the money?

A definite YES on this one – but that is just my opinion.  You need to get a pair of cute Pink Sheepskin Boots on your own two feet to decide what’s best for you.  If you hate them – just return them. This is why it’s important to buy from a trusted retailer where you always have this option.  Just my two cents – you won’t want to part with these once you try them on.  And with the proper care, they will last for years.

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